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We have listed the crystals that can support us when working with the energies of each Chakra and those that can help us develop certain issues and attributes within us.

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Crystals can help us tap into our own inner levels and support us on our path to personal and spiritual development.


Crown Chakra, Spirit, Healing, Extra Sensory Perception, Father

The Amethyst works with the energies of the Crown Chakra. It helps us come in contact with Spirit and see beyond illusions as well as transmute unrefined energies.


Third Eye Chakra, Clairvoyance, Extra Sensory Perception, Concentration

This stone helps us work with the energies of the Third Eye and develop our Extra Sensory Perception to discover the realms beyond the physical Cosmos. It also facilitates concentration.


Throat Chakra, Communication, Expression, Truth

Celestite deals with issues of the Throat Chakra, Truth, Communication and Expression. It helps us discover our truth and dare to express it, feeling free to be who we are.


Heart Chakra, Love, Forgiveness, Empathy

Emerald helps us tap into the serene energies of love and stay comfortable and unmoved in our centre, open to the loving energies of the Soul.


Heart Chakra, Love, Forgiveness, Empathy

With this stone, we explore the vibrant energies of love in all its expressions as they unfold in our lives.


Solar Plexus Chakra, Concentration, Confidence, Power, Self-worth, Abundance, Joy

Citrine assists with discovering our personal fire and power and helps us set our boundaries and stand up for what is important to us. It also supports us in accepting our self-worth to allow abundance to manifest in our lives.


Sacral Chakra, Joy, Creativity, Adaptability

This stone brings us in contact with our emotions and can facilitate a sense of joy and spontaneity. It can also help develop creativity and adaptability.

Red Ruby

Base Chakra, Grounding, Strength, Safety, Stability, Money, Mother, Earth

Ruby connects us to the energies of Earth that support our every step and provide for our needs. It also helps us deal with our physical needs and resources.

Red Garnet

Base Chakra, Grounding, Strength, Safety, Stability, Money, Mother, Earth

This stone helps us feel grounded and safe to carry out our strength. It also helps us deal with our physical needs and resources.


Spirit, Healing, Meditation

Quartz brings spiritual energies closer to us and facilitates spiritual development and healing. It is therefore great for meditation or consciously directing energy.

Rose Quartz

Healing, Love

This pink stone facilitates healing through its soothing energies and allows us to reconnect with the loving aspects of ourselves, nature and life.


Communication, Truth, Spirit

Selenite's energies enable truthful communication; either between people or different realms.



Pyrite helps us deal with personal issues of money, attachment to the material goods and greed.

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